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About Us

We are a developing community of martial arts practitioners, meditators and movement practitioners who have grown past 'my style is better or deadlier or deeper than your style' bickering.

For thoughtful martial artists who understand that 

  • We don't have to have the same goals or need the same practices 
  • We can progress faster and have more fun if we enjoy the differences while we search for and build on connecting principles.
  • Science and rationality are vital, meaning and subjective experience are rarely done justice through science

This is a virtual community but it's also about real-life exchange. You can find members by location, arrange exchanges and open mats. If you travel then I think of this community as Couchsurfing with swords, friendly fisticuffs and meditation.

Together we can Develop:

  • Specific skills striking, evasion, throwing, weapons
  • Applications outside of combat - relationships, personal maturity
  • Health, energy and movement - strength, mobility, coordination, grace
  • Community and networks 

Styles are great, styles are welcome, they are repositories of knowledge. We appreciate styles and also look beyond them at the universal principles that connect them.

We want to support each other in how to develop our practices on as many levels as possible, combative, social, local and global.

We examine and work with the mechanics, psychology, ethics, empty hands, weapons and breathing. We dig into science and we delve into mythology.

The question is how to use these practices to enhance and support our lives and the lives of those around us.

If you agree with at least three of the statements below you will fit in well here. Take look 

  • You can love the specifics of an individual style and still see the value of other methods. Baguazhang is not Taijiquan, Shotokan is not Goju, BJJ is not Freestyle, Muy Thai is not Savate, Kali is not HEMA - But it's ALL 'just' FIGHTING/TRAINING. It's a pleasure to exchange with people who think this way.
  • You cannot separate training from the rest of your life. It's all connected. The integration is a challenge and it's good to have friends who appreciate this.
  • If martial arts are about protection, it's worth spending time thinking about what you actually want to protect and from what. 
  • Making friends may be better protection than a harder punch. The best exercises/health practices are not a substitute for clean air, water and food.
  • Science and a rational approach are vital, but we are not wholly rational beings and need ways to live with that.
  • The 'MMA vs Traditional' debate is over. It's good to be in a place where the two can inform each other and have conversations with people who understand that.
  • Myth is not superstition that 'primitive' people took literally. It can be a source of valuable metaphor, description of certain subjective experiences, coded instruction for processes and a frame for mnemonics/remembering vital information. That's why it has lasted so long.
  • Different goals, different priorities, different perspectives are important. Diversity brings immunity. Training is a kind of ritual and any ritual that aims to reinforce a sense of "I/we are special and you/they are not" is against the ethos of this group.

Why You Should Join Us

When you sign up for a course you get access to a unique community where you can build relationships and learn with intelligent mature practitioners. You also get a well thought out learning experience.

Once you have joined you will get access to unique courses and online events - martial, meditative, health-oriented. The list will expand with time and existing members will have exclusive deals.

When you join you can leave the 'noise' and negativity of martial arts on social media.

There is no risk. If you do not like a course you can send me a message and explaining what was not good enough for you and I will refund you.

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